Mzonké woollen necklaces

Mzonké woollen necklaces

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Stunning sculptural pieces made in pure new merino wool, designed and hand felted near Cape Town in South Africa.

Approx 90cms long

3 thicknesses available: S (thin), M (med) and L (thick)

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The Mzonké jewellery range is a collaborated effort between Albert Mzonké Balintulo and Stephanie Bentum for Krafthaus.

The latest Mzonké collection reflects Albert’s Xhosa heritage with a modern twist. Bold and colourful traditional Xhosa patterned designs were reinterpreted and modernised in a monochrome palette to create unique statement pieces.

Each piece is hand-felted from 100% Merino wool, sustainably produced in South Africa. In the end, many intricate steps are followed to achieve a final product that is beautiful, unique, stain resistant; soft to the skin and a pleasure to wear.

Enjoy the feeling!

Mzonké Care

Gently handwash your Mzonké in cold water or dry clean.