Copper wire Nest Necklace

Copper wire Nest Necklace


These fine “nest” necklaces are made from upcycled copper telephone wire.  Long enough to slip them over your head, they look great and are light and easy to wear. 

Approx length 102cms

Telephone wire is an integral part of the Southern African craft scene. The miners who emigrated from the rural areas to the urban areas, could all do grass weaving and plaiting. They started transferring these skills to materials that they could find around the mines, which were electrical wires and later telephone wires. This is a skill that is owned by the South African People; in almost every community there are men and women who can work with this wire. The wire has been tested for, nickel, lead and cadmium, and is safe.

Designed and handmade in South Africa.

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This project was founded by Stella, who left the healthcare field to launch this group for parents of disabled children in Durban, South Africa who were unable to provide for their children, who, as a result, also suffered from severe malnutrition.  There are currently 40 mothers working in the project.  They work from their homes, meeting at the workshop once or twice a week to receive raw materials and receive payment for their completed designs.  Their home-based work means they can look after their children and save money on transport.