Chunky woven wire bangles

Chunky woven wire bangles


Fabulous chunky wide bangles in bright colours and classic black and white made from upcycled telephone wire.  They are all made by hand so vary slightly in width, between 4 and 5cms.

Designed and made by hand in South Africa.

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This group is based in KwaZulu Natal which is the South African province with the richest craft traditions.

The group provides holistic support to about 1000 crafters across KwaZulu-Natal’s impoverished heartland with its broken terrain, poor infrastructure, very high unemployment and high incidence of HIV/AIDS. The rural craft organisations are groups of mostly women, who organise together to produce craftwork and to access markets for their craft. The majority of their members are single mothers and grandmothers who make use of the income from craft to care for their families and often for the orphaned children of their children and siblings. For rural Zulu women, craft is the first logical entry into the economy; since they use skills that they learnt from their mothers and grandmothers, don’t need specialist equipment and can create craft products while tending their homesteads and looking after their families.