Beaded Zulu 'letter' necklace

Beaded Zulu 'letter' necklace


This is a modern version of the traditional Zulu letter necklace, mounted on an adustable leather thong. These letters were used by men to propose to the woman of their choice.

Approx length 66-98cms

Designed and handmade in South Africa.

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This project was founded by Stella, who left the healthcare field to launch this group for parents of disabled children in Durban, South Africa who were unable to provide for their children, who, as a result, also suffered from severe malnutrition.  There are currently 40 mothers working in the project.  They work from their homes, meeting at the workshop once or twice a week to receive raw materials and receive payment for their completed designs.  Their home-based work means they can look after their children and save money on transport.