Giving life to the discarded

The very talented Cape Town designer and sculptor Roché takes old bicycle inner tubes, painstakingly cleans them up, and along with her team of local township women, creates the beautiful pieces shown here.
An all-woman business run according to the principles of Fair Trade, Roché gives new life to the discarded, repurposing waste rubber that society has thrown away and forgotten about, creating high end, desirable jewellery. An innovative approach to up- and recycling.

I had a visit from 5 tall and rather attractive Canadian men yesterday, all kitted out in full cycling mode, pretty cool dudes, clicking away on my floor in those funny shoes cyclists wear.  They made a beeline for this range, and when I explained to them that it is all made from recycled bike inner tubes they got quite carried away and all went off with something for their ladies back home.  I suddenly realised that it’s quite a cool gift from or to a cyclist (the chain bracelets look really good on men too), and let’s face it, I’m in a country where cycling is a way of life, in fact a new business has just opened next door hiring touring bikes for holidaymakers in Lagrasse.

For the holiday weekend (22-25 May) we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT on this fabulous range of jewellery.

  • Buy online now here.  To get your 10% discount just quote the code WHITSUN when you complete your order and it will be automatically deducted.
  • You can also call me on +33 4 6843 1240 to reserve your order.
  • And of course, you can buy direct from the Lagrasse store, which will be open Saturday 23rd and Monday 25th May 10am to 6pm.