The story behind ...

This story by Kristen Philipkoskion in Forbes caught my eye this week: the growing desire of consumers for products that are special, have been produced in small quantities, or indeed are absolute one-offs, and above all, that have been made within a structure that addresses the issues of acceptable social practices.

Handmade is the buzz word, and the 'imperfection' that comes with something made entirely by hand, piece by piece, is the true mark of individuality and a labour of love; the 'new luxury' of abandoning highly-priced (though factory-made) brand name products for one-off items made by hand by discrete artisans.

I have gained a reputation for quality and attention to detail through my brand of clothing designs, cut and assembled here in my design studio in France.  I have always been convinced that producing beautiful things with passion and care is the only way.  My curated brand of jewellery that you see here at ADORN perfectly illustrates this philosophy, celebrating South African craft and design.

Proudly handmade.

What do you think?  Are YOU prepared to pay the price for goods that respect the values we demand for ourselves?