The first time Beverly visited South Africa was a defining moment in her life. Beverly is a fashion designer based in southern France and on her first trip in 2009 she was stunned by the fantastic range of jewellery design. Her next step was clear: to create her own contemporary jewellery brand of her favourite pieces, chosen to complement her clothing collections. ADORN JEWELLERY was an immediate success.  

She bases herself in Cape Town each winter, where she not only selects from existing ranges but works with the designers and groups, developing ideas, to create her own personal and eye-catching collection of hand made designer jewellery, with the accent on up- and recycled products from ethical and sustainable businesses. She is also now designing her own range working with talented local crafters, and thus contributing to the wealth of innovative design in South Africa.

Beverly is committed to ecological and economic sustainability, promoting in particular women's groups in the townships. She has established a solid and loyal network of designers and has fast earned a reputation for a sharp eye for great design.  

Her physical store is in one of France's most beautiful villages, Lagrasse. Her online store is an extension of her lifestyle business, giving jewellery lovers around the world the opportunity to possess these wonderful pieces.